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Samurai Tasting

Eyrewoolf Abalone are exploring how we can create new and exciting experiences that showcase the flavour of wild caught abalone.

While the quality of our abalone is understood by world leading chefs and seafood experts, we want to explore what influences abalone flavour profiles so we can optimise our customer’s enjoyment and use this knowledge in the creation of new offerings.

We recently held a facilitated tasting session at Samurai Teppanyaki in South Australia managed by Ancoeur Global’s sensory expert Dr Patricia Williamson. Together with a panel of expert tasters including trained professional tasters, chefs from high end restaurants, abalone enthusiasts and merchants, we explored how abalone flavour is influenced by a range of variables including abalone species, harvest location, simple preparation methods (thin sliced sashimi, steamed and seared) along with wine pairing.
Key findings were:

Our steamed Greenlip abalone has a distinctly different taste to the Blacklip. The Greenlip showed an elegant balance of salty oceanic flavour, sweet fresh oyster, umami and nutty notes with a tender texture. Our Blacklip had slightly more intense fresh seawater, fish and umami flavours with a slightly chewier texture;

Abalone from different harvest zones (including Tasmania, South Australia Western Zone, and Western Australia) had distinctly different tastes. Interestingly, the results appeared to be influenced more by the harvesting method used – i.e., whether the abalone is shucked at sea or land. Abalone meat that was shucked at sea had a more subtle and sweeter flavour related to the removal of the abalone blood.
There were distinct taste and texture differences associated with thinly sliced sashimi, seared and steamed abalone preparation methods. Steaming abalone was the preferred quick preparation method by the panel due to the balance of abalone flavour and the tender texture.
Sashimi Greenlip abalone displays aromas of crisp sea air and fresh seaweed complimented by a burst of salty oceanic flavour and sweet fresh oyster. Steaming enhanced tenderness and the balance of salty oceanic and umami flavours, bringing out tastes of sweet fresh oyster, umami and green seaweed. Searing brought out a soft springy texture, sweet caramelised and smoky attributes similar to fried scallop or pork and a nutty, buttery finish.

Steamed and Sous Vide abalone was found to pair beautifully with a dry South Australian Riesling or Methode Champenoise sparkling wine. The seared abalone interestingly was found to pair elegantly with the vibrant fruit and spicy attributes of South Australian Grenache, Mataro or Shiraz.

Our invited guests found the experience very enjoyable and we are excited to be incorporating findings into the development of new offerings to be released in the very near future.

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