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Our Island


Our family island

Flinders Island is a 13km by 8 km remote expanse of land located 35 km off the Southern Coast of Australia. A former sealer’s colony, our family have been its sole occupants since 1979.

Flinders Island is our escape and reconnection with nature.


Protecting the ecosystem

We are actively preserving and safeguarding:

  • Our wild abalone resource; and
  • The Flinders Island ecosystem.

Australia has been successful in maintaining our wild abalone populations through strict scientifically informed quota systems, exclusion zones and avoiding fishing during spawning periods.

Eyrewoolf is actively involved in stewardship initiatives to future proof abalone stock numbers in the face of climate change impacts and other potential threats.

We are also committed to the preservation and safeguarding of the Flinders Island ecosystem. Historical land use practices and ingress of feral animals from landing ships resulted in depleted bird life and land-based animals. The Woolford family is embarking on an exciting initiative on Flinders Island, in conjunction with the Australian and South Australian Government they will create a safe haven for rare and endangered native species and establish it as a wildlife sanctuary.

Connect with us for updates on our environmental custodianship initiatives.


Escape to Flinders Island

Flinders Island Getaway offers a chance to live and feel the freedom of the island lifestyle. Explore empty beaches, breath pure sea air and experience nature at its purest

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